7 Things to do on a Rainy Day

My favorite things to do on a rainy day.
When it comes to rainy days or any days with down time, it often feels like there really isn’t much to do. No work, no school, so what’s a girl to do? Here are my top tips for things to do on a rainy day. Keep in mind, I’m an introvert, so my things to do on a rainy day might be different than yours.

1 – Read a new book or continue/finish an old one

So many people buy books every year that they never read or own books that they never finished. So break the stereotype and crack open a new book or get started on finishing an old one!

2 – Start a new project

Whether it’s a new craft, a new product for your business, a new story idea you want to write, or any new project, now’s the time to start it! Get your materials and get your creative juices flowing!

3 – Discover a new band/listen to some old music

We all have that one band we’ve been meaning to listen to, or maybe an old favorite that we haven’t heard in a while. Take some time and find their music on YouTube or Spotify. You may discover or rediscover your new inspiration music.

4 – Clean a room 

While it’s not the most exciting thing, it can feel extremely good to clean a room you haven’t touched in a while. Even if it’s doing a quick dusting or window washing, cleaning can make you feel super productive and it’s a good opportunity to get up and move around.

5 – Organize/Reorganize a room or desk space

Along similar lines as cleaning, organizing or reorganizing a room or desk space can help make you feel productive. It can also give you a change of scenery and maybe spark some creativity, too!

6 – Clean out the closet

Let’s face it. We all have clothes in our closets we never or hardly ever wear. A rainy day is perfect for taking a peek at your clothing collection and seeing what can be given to charity, what can stay, and what needs to recycled or thrown away.

7 – Relax!

A rainy day is a day without anything important to do… so kick back and relax! Maybe you just came off a super busy week at work, or have just had a rough week in general. Either way, you deserve some time to yourself. Whether it’s a book as stated above, binge watching a new TV series, watching a favorite movie, or even taking a nice, soothing nap. Take the day and re-energize so you can face the next busy week.
Whatever you decide to do on the next rainy day, just know there’s no wrong way to spend it. It’s your day, so do with it as you want. There are plenty of things to do that aren’t listed here, and I’d love to hear what your favorite things to do on a rainy day are. Let me know in the comments, and until next time!