What I’ve Learned about Digital Marketing

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For the past semester, I have been taking a digital marketing class. Hence, the majority of these posts being about digital marketing. It’s been a semester of learning new things and reminders of older things that I learned from a basic marketing class I took last year. Marketing itself isn’t super easy, and adding the extra dimension of digital can mess with people’s understanding of marketing.

Traditional marketing focused just getting your name out there and was a one-way trip: company to customer through advertising. Usually, marketing was supposedly sell you something. A product, a service, something you could buy and use. Word-of-mouth was also helpful in getting more customers in. But marketing’s specifics have changed recently. Now that marketing has moved online, a new dimension appeared: customer to company.

With the new addition of customer to company, companies now had to be aware customer response to them. Social media especially forced the change, since the point of social media is to connect with others. So now companies not only had to be aware of what they were saying, but how customers were responding.

For people like myself, who’ve grown up in the digital era, this isn’t nearly as tough as for those who grew up with the traditional advertising practices. But that doesn’t guarantee that millennials are fantastic at digital marketing. It just means we’re familiar with the social media side of the Internet. That doesn’t mean we’d know exactly the way to reach customers for an industrial company or a hardware store though.

But the biggest thing I learned from this class isn’t that digital marketing is the next step in marketing. It isn’t that we as millennials are best equipped to become marketers in today’s digital world. It isn’t even that mobile is the newest platform everyone should be focused on. It’s that marketing is constantly evolving. New stuff appears every day and then falls away the next year. It’s hard for even millennials to keep up with the changes. And as these changes keep coming, every marketer needs to be alert.

Tomorrow, there might be a whole new social media platform. In the next decade, the Internet might not exist in the same way or at all. Mobile might disappear. The future of digital marketing isn’t set in stone, so we have to stay alert to the changes in the digital world as time goes on. In the end, it’s up to not just marketers, but other company employees and even customers, to keep an eye on the changing digital world. After all, who knows where the next change will take us?

(Well, that ends a semester of digital marketing posts. It’s been a good past few months, and while I’ll be focusing on non-marketing related content from here on, I’m hoping to make a few posts on social media as time goes on. For now though, it’s onto the next adventure! Until next time, readers!)