Here are featured poems and short story excerpts I have written in the past. If you would like to see more, please consider donating to my Patreon: patreon.com/maeghonrhoads.

Winter–A Haibun

Usually Winter is more calm when it must leave. It goes away quietly in the night, till all that’s left are a few brisk gusts of wind riding the air currents far above. But sometimes, it decides not to leave just yet. It hangs around, blowing cold air on everything in its path, forming frost from the morning dew. This year was no different. At first, Winter left quietly, but it came back like a lion, forcing Spring to run and hide until Winter went away once more. For weeks now, they have carried out this back and forth banter, the air cooling and warming in what seems to be a never ending cycle. Perhaps, Summer will come to straighten them out, or Spring may get the upper hand. Until then, I suppose, we must wait. Wait for warmth and seeing Spring once again.

Dormant trees lean down
stay folded within themselves
We wait for Spring

Goya’s Giant


The world is full of unknowns, terrifying and mysterious.
Long, dark shadows drawn out on our world.
But the worst fear of all is knowing
There is something larger than us out there.
Perhaps this is how Goya’s Giant felt to see
The lamp light cast his shadow across the plains.
To turn around and see them standing behind him,
Tiny towns sit between them, oblivious to their danger.

But who does the Giant see? What does he fear?
Are there many of them or only just one?
Are these others not giants but monsters?
The Giant sits in fear, but we don’t know why.
The viewer can only see his terrified expression
For whatever stands behind him.
Long, dark shadows drawn out on our world.
The world is full of unknowns, terrifying and mysterious.