Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Statement

Maeghon Rhoads is a privately owned website. I am not an expert on the ways of a female Millennial, writing, or geek culture, so what I say should be taken as my own personal experience and knowledge. This Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Statement are to show the ways I collect information and how affiliate marketing will affect my site.

I do my best to respect your privacy, especially in this day and age. The following privacy policy details the way I collect information and what I do with it.

Privacy Policy Statement

  1. My site does collect info through cookies via Google Analytics. However, this is only collected for demographic statistics and view counts. I do not use the information collected for anything else.
  2. When you sign up for the newsletter, your email and first name are collected through trusted third-party site Mailerlite. This is so I know who I’m sending newsletters to. I only use this information for newsletters, and I do not sell it to any third-parties. (I’ve had this happen to me, and I know how frustrating it is.)
  3. Disqus Comments do require login, but Disqus keeps that information. I never see or use that information. To see Disqus’s privacy policy, please click here.

Affiliate Links and Monetization

When affiliate links appear, I will apply a disclaimer to the top of the post to let you, the reader, know. All opinions are my own, and I will only endorse products I have 100% faith in. (At this point there are no affiliate or monetization of the blog. I am not making money from this site.)