The Signs of Autumn

Whether you call it fall or autumn, the time of year between September and December is almost magical, or perhaps bewitching. The cooler weather, the crunchy leaves, the colors, the eeriness, and the ultimate joy of wrapping up in a blanket with warm food or drink and a good book or movie. It can bring an immense feeling of nostalgia and joy to those who love the cooler temperatures and beautiful eeriness of fallen leaves and bare trees.

But there’s another sign of fall that is rather subtle, and only really apparent to those who look and listen closely enough. The sounds of writers everywhere getting things set up for National Novel Writing Month in November.

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is an exciting time for writers and authors. It’s essentially one month to buckle down, turn off the unnecessary distractions (most of the time), and just write. Most writers chose a story for a novel, and some do nonfiction like memoirs or poems. Still others do fanfictions, short story collections, thesis papers, or all sorts of other writing formats. But the main motivation is always the excitement. There’s something thrilling about getting together with a bunch of other writers in the fall. We gather with our coffees and hot chocolates over computer or paper and just write our hearts out.

Autumn is always a magical time of year. From the transition from summer to winter, to getting cozy with a blanket and warm food or drink, to the writer’s excitement that November is coming and with it, a journey into a new realm of writing. These are the things that make fall magical and enthralling.

So I’m curious. What are you’re favorite things about fall? Or if fall isn’t your favorite season, which one is and why? Let me know in the comments below!