Health Tips for College Students by College Students (and Grads)

Health tips for college students by college students and grads

Two weeks ago, I asked you guys what your tips were for staying healthy in college. Between the homework, classes, and the stress, self-care can be hard. However, millions of students have managed the struggle, and have been managing it for years. So, I decided to ask you guys what your health tips for college students were. Here are the results.

When it came to responses, a few people mentioned fitness and eating well.

“I think staying active is key. Go to a gym, go running, do something to keep yourself moving.” @Ianator647 via Twitter

“Oh I miss college… I was so busy that I forgot to eat and actually lost weight instead of gaining it like the stereotypes. However I definitely did not eat healthy, so I’d definitely encourage you to try to eat healthy meals and regularly.” @nics.niche via Instagram

But the biggest responses all had to do with sleeping and relaxing.

“Do not neglect sleep.” @dulcegabmedina via Instagram

“I make sure to get my 8 hours every night!!” @mydriftingdesk via Instagram

“Take time to relax” @fatoubbalde via Instagram

“I just graduated, and looking back the healthiest thing I did was sleep well and and for 8 hours minimum. When I worked with students I always said that all-nighters are not worth it or necessary, so my biggest thing was sleep.” Michelle A. via¬†“Healthy College Living: How Do You Do It?” comments

The best advice came from Epicfield in the comments on “Healthy College Living: How Do You Do It?”

“I’m currently not in college, but I know what helped me when I was in school was to remember that sleep was important. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. I was Queen Procrastinator but then I realized that my health was going downhill … I started working ahead and got on track rather than waiting until last second.

I work full time now and I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep every night (or try to). I know when your schedule is in consistent, it can be really difficult, but TRY to be consistent. Going to bed and getting up at the same time can be super helpful!”

And there you have the top health tips for college students¬†by college students (and grads). If you’d like to see the responses, they can be located here, here, and here. A big thank you to everyone who responded and participated! You guys were super helpful getting this list together! And if you want to see more “masterposts” like these, let me know in the comments! Until next time, readers, and stay healthy!