Healthy College Living: How Do You Do It?

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One of the biggest struggles in college isn’t the load of homework or making new friends. It’s adjusting to living on your own, especially taking care of yourself. Suddenly, you’re responsible for laundry, food, and making sure you take medicine when you’re sick. It can be tough, especially when you’re used to someone else reminding you when to do things. And college is not an easy place to stay healthy. Between the number of students and the difficulty of keeping a campus of well over 2,000 students clean, illnesses have a high chance of spreading quickly.

Just about every year, several students get the flu or some illnessĀ at my school, so staying healthy is super important. This year, the flu (also called plague), a bacterial infection, and a cold have run through the student body, and so far I’ve come out not too terribly. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to staying healthy. My freshman year I ended up getting multiple colds that were extremely annoying. Sophomore year I continued to get colds. Junior year I came down with pneumonia during the fall, which really dragged me down. Thankfully, the second semester was a lot less crazy, and I only got a couple colds. So far, senior year has passed by pretty quietly. The worst I’ve gotten so far are two nasty colds and an injured foot. Not too shabby, considering how many students get sick at my school a semester.

On top of avoiding all the illnesses, staying fit is also important. This is something I’ve struggled with quite a bit. Staying active when you have to walk everywhere is easy. But after you’re done walking to classes, you’re tempted to stop. Combine bad food options (both in the cafeteria and with fast food) with lack of exercise, and things go downhill pretty quickly. So with all the craziness happening between sickness and exercise, how does one stay healthy? Or at least keep from getting sick too often?

Usually, I try to get plenty of sleep, eat veggies and fruits and proteins when I can, and try to be mobile. Whenever I’m prescribed medicine, I make sure to take everything I’ve been prescribed (especially when it comes to antibiotics). But I know I could always do better. So how do you guys stay healthy in college? Regular exercise, sleep, the right diet, or is there something else you’ve found that helps? Share your tips in the comments, and I’ll compile the top answers into a master post in three weeks. Until next time, readers, and I look forward to reading your answers!

  • I just graduated, and looking back the healthiest thing I did was sleep well and and for 8 hours minimum. When I worked with students I always said that all-nighters are not worth it or necessary, so my biggest thing was sleep.

  • I’m currently not in college, but I know what helped me when I was in school was to remember that sleep was important. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. I was Queen Procrastinator but then I realized that my health was going downhill … I started working ahead and got on track rather than waiting until last second.

    I work full time now and I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep every night (or try to). I know when your schedule is in consistent, it can be really difficult, but TRY to be consistent. Going to bed and getting up at the same time can be super helpful!

    • Maeghon Rhoads

      Definitely something even I struggle with sometimes. Great tip!

      • Now that I work 8-5 and know that I NEED that sleep, I don’t struggle as much … but for some reason, in school, even if the schedule was super consistent, I never went to bed the same time.

        I have a medicine I have to take about an hour before bed (and it does make me tired, though it’s for migraines, not insomnia/sleep) and so that definitely helps for consistency too.