Holiday Marketing in the Digital World

With the holiday season upon us, the need to promote one’s business or product is important. Among all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, companies need to be aware of where their customers are shopping. So how does a company do this in the digital realm?

There are a variety of techniques marketers can use to promote their companies. There are some obvious techniques, but they are still effective and worth using. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s unusable. At the same time, some techniques might need to be tweaked to fit the new marketing tools and strategies. So what still works? Obviously, there’s the advertisements on TV and plastered throughout the Internet. But what are ways companies can really use digital marketing during the holiday season? Turns out, there are quite a few.

1: The Giveaway

One of the most well known marketing techniques, for holidays and the rest of the year, is giveaways. Many companies will provide a contest or sweepstakes to win a gift set of products, particularly jewelry, clothes, or makeup. Others who sell entertainment or services might create a giveaway for a discounted or free account/service/package deal from themselves or a different company they’ve partnered with.

2: Video Series

Another way to market during the holidays is doing a video series. This particularly applies to digital service companies providing lectures, books, or other ways of learning to customers. The video series can be used to highlight the holiday season or announce free or discounted lectures or books. Sometimes companies selling products will create a video series specifically for marketing their products during the holidays.

3: Online Discounts

This one is pretty obvious. Many times, companies will offer holiday sales on products or services. This is the most common practice, which isn’t surprising. One of the most persuasive things for customers is getting what they want for cheaper than the original price. Sales are the most popular form of marketing during the holiday. But adding the incentive of online purchases can also boost prices, considering many people now shop online rather than in stores. So online sales often boost the overall sales for a company.

4: Sharing/Following

Some companies market by asking followers to¬†share a post or encouraging new fans to follow their page to get a discount or enter into a giveaway. Some companies simply promote following their pages to continue getting discount codes and notifications when sales occur. It’s an easy way for current customers to keep up with the company, and combined with holiday sales and discounts, can provide an extra marketing boost.

Stepping up marketing strategy during the holidays can really give companies a boost in sales, followers, and performance later in the year. The digital marketing realm offers a lot of other opportunities beyond the traditional means. While not all company can use every the strategies above, just using one can still give companies a boost, especially around the holidays. The holidays are among of the busiest shopping times of the year. With so many current and potential customers shopping and looking at stores in the digital, marketing to these customers is especially important.